PAT Solutions

Control Development offers sophisticated and highly efficient Process Analytical Technology (PAT) analyzers that provide real-time and accurate analytical measurements. Our PAT analyzers are made of high sensitivity NIR diode array spectrometers that cover a wide spectral range. A fast, non-scanning device, these self-referencing and self-calibrating PAT analyzers are wireless and battery operated, and have the ability to acquire a full spectrum in a millisecond.

Our PAT Analyzers have a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry offering unique and innovative performance driven solutions.
Blend Uniformity Analyzer
Blend Uniformity Analyzers Designed to overcome the inability of current blending practices to take into account physical differences in raw materials, Blend Uniformity Analyzers provide real-time information related to both physical and chemical attributes. It also addresses the limitations of time defined end points, which can be determined based on the desired attributes of the materials necessary for the unit operation.
The Blend Uniformity Analyzer provides accurate, high-speed and high-yield results, and improved product quality. A low-maintenance device, it requires minimal operator involvement and a non-invasive process allows measurement of hazardous materials.
Moisture and Solvent Analyzer
Moisture and Solvent Analyzer To provide error-free results during measurement of solid pharmaceutical substances, our PAT NIRS enables measurement of moisture and solvent content on-line and in real time in a fluid bed dryer. This reduces the cycle time and eliminates inaccuracies due to susceptibility to physical conditions such as humidity and segregation involved in off line processes. A faster point of manufacture analysis and minimal operator involvement increases yield and improves product quality, and subsequently speeding up the time to market.
In-Line Coating Analyzer
In-Line Coating Analyzer Our PAT NIRS Analyzer enables in line and real time analysis of film coating on tablets during a pan coating operation. It can measure the thickness of the film coat, analyze active coatings and accurately determine the end point in real time. The PAT analyzer is a cost effective and time efficient in-line coating solution.