“We have used Control Development systems for over eight years. The original system is still working well in the lab and providing high signal to noise ratio spectra, and it has required minimal service. We started using Control Development systems because we needed to obtain spectra of flowing powders, and perform real time evaluation with spectra acquired in less than one second. We have had excellent support from Control Development.”

Rodolfo J. Romanach
Professor of Chemistry

“I am grateful to partner with such a great company. The spectrometer I purchased works exceptionally well and the customer service has been excellent; they have gone above and beyond my expectations. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Alan Gift
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Nebraska at Omaha

"As manufacturers of spectroscopic instruments, Control Development offers a great product line for solving some of today's toughest manufacturing problems. They are serious experts at what they do, and I am confident that they will have a solution for your biggest challenges. As a user of process analytical tools, and contributor to national spectroscopy standards for pharmaceutical analysis, I have always turned to the Control Development team for solutions that can meet the most rigorous demands of pharmaceutical process manufacturing and the quality requirements of pharmaceutical regulatory bodies worldwide."

Gary E. Ritchie, M.S.
Former Scientific Fellow for PAT
United States Pharmacopeia
Former Chairman, ASTM E13.11 Multivariate Analysis